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Prevents Pickup on Stainless Steel Mould Parts

Here are a few of our successes to give you some idea of what problems other people are using WS2 to solve:-

Major Producer of Cable Ties - Ejector Pins
This moulder had used WS2 successfully on the tie lock inserts which had the effect of removing tool room personell from the production department and reducing downtime.

Some time ago he had some ejector pins coated which he assembled with a little grease. Thirty months later (after cycling the whole time at 7 seconds) the mould was inspected...there was no wear on either holes or the pins! He now coats all ejector pins!

Medical Moulder uses Coated Ejector Pins
A medical moulder had used WS2 coated ejector pins without grease and got over 2 million cycles without the mould requiring servicing! This was significantly better than other moulds in the set that had not used WS2.

Major Cosmetic Clean Room Moulder
From experience of WS2 dry lubrication gained in the USA this moulder has made the decision to coat all wearing parts of all moulds.

Mike - Southern Precision Engineers
Mike has tried WS2 on a number of tools to prevent pickup. Tools were for a major drugs delivery company.

Peter - Trader Moulder
Peter has also tried WS2 on a number of tools to prevent pickup.

DMS - Die Mould Services - Tel. 01494 523811
You can order WS2 coated ejector pins direct from Die Mould Services Co. Ltd.