Plastics - Blow Moulding Applications

Quality Improvement in Blow Moulding

Here are a few of our successes to give you some idea of what problems other people are using WS2 to solve:-

Bottles Blow Moulde
This moulder was suffering from having to shut bottle lines down due to burnt-on carbon and plastic on head tooling causing streaking and drag marks on the finished product. The lines were shut down for head cleaning about once per week. The build up of carbon was aggravated by not turning down the head temperatures when the line was stopped for other reasons.

CMB have found that WS2 coated head tooling required the line to be stopped for head cleaning only after about 8 weeks. Prior to this each time the line was stopped the carbon just came off the heads on the first one or two bottles after restarting. Machine settings could be maintained on an ongoing basis. WS2 increased product quality, reduced streaking and drag, and increased productivity.

Dale Maddox - Johnson Controls, Manchester Michigan
"We have tried a whole bunch of mould coatings, probably 15 in all, WS2 is the best of the lot! It makes the filling of deep moulds easier and eliminates streaking and drag marks. Can be coated on top of chrome and other hard coatings."

Mr. Frank Rukavina, K&M Plastics, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
"WS2 increased product quality, reduced streaking and drag, Machine settings maintained on a constant basis"