Engineering - WS2 Applications

Bearing, gear & cutter life extended by 200 - 500%.

WS2 stops Pickup and Seizing on SS and Titanium

WS2 is finding many applications where the stopping of pickup or seizing is important. These screws are for a medical application which requires servicing every 3 to 5 years. Finding the parts seized is not an option.

Stainless steel parts within hydraulic systems and titanium parts for aircraft/space systems are typical application areas. Parts can be masked.

WS2 Extends Life of sliding parts

The cost of downtime due to wear of sliding parts can be dramatically reduced by specifying WS2 on sliding machine parts. The surface treatment is applied without heat and at 0.5micron thick does not affect engineering tolerances.

Use WS2 where conventional lubricants cannot be tolerated, where oils/grease are allowed their performance is enhanced.

WS2 Extends Gearbox Life

These gears are from a high-precision gearbox where WS2 is applied to reduce friction and extend life. Coated gears run with lower friction, higher efficiency (7-9%), will run at higher speeds and with a significantly longer life.

A Formula 3000 team owes its success to its WS2 coated gearbox. WS2 coated CV joints took part in the Paris - Dakar rally.

WS2 and Gearboxes:-

  • The coating is 0.5 micro thick so no engineering changes are necessary will not chip or peel. No heat is used in its application. WS2 is used with usual gearbox oil.
  • The coating is porous and has an affinity for oils to ensure you always have a lubricant film (oil and WS2) between bearing faces.
  • WS2 is very low friction so less heat is generated within the gearbox. We are told by our US licensers that the US Army Airforce is considering using WS2 to extend gearbox life in the event of small arms damage to helicopter lubrication systems.
  • WS2 will extend the life of your gearbox. You may be able to run with less oil onboard.
    Gear shifting will require lower forces (Smaller Actuators?) and be smoother and faster in operation.
  • WS2 delays the onset of micropitting.

WS2 extends life of Ceramic Ball Races

A specialist bearing company routinely supplies ceramic ball bearings to its customers.

WS2 has been shown to extend the life of such bearings by enabling a "self healing" property of WS2 coated bearing to recover from shocks which would otherwise cause bearing failure.

WS2 Extends HSS Cutting Tool Life by 2 to 5 times

Tests have been done in the UK using WS2 as a coating on a HSS broaches. The life of the broach was extended by 5.5 times over an uncoated broach. A high speed tungsten carbide TicN coated milling cutter used for milling turbine blades was coated with WS2 - its life was extended by 2.0 times. A 2.8mm solid carbide drill coated with TiN cutting an aluminium alloy drilled 2200 holes - coating with WS2 extended the life to 7000 holes.

These cutters used normal cutting fluids during operation (after coating). In the US WS2 is used to extend the life on a range of cutting tools from gear hobs, broaches, taps, milling cutters & centre drills.

Benefits are:-

  • Cutting edges remain sharp - we have coated razor blades for plastic film manufacture.
  • The very low coefficient of friction reduces the heat generated in chip formation. Chips are well formed.
  • WS2 prevents the build-up of material on the tooth face.
  • WS2 is chemically inert so does not react with materials such as Titanium.
  • WS2 withstands temperatures upto 650oC.
  • Allows you to increase speeds and feeds and/or extends tool life.

WS2 is a lubricant in High Vacuum

A company with vacuum and compressor experience supply special purpose machinery for high vacuum research facilities in the UK and abroad. Previously they used MoS2 to lubricate bearings for use in such machines.

This was a time consuming and costly process. The company have now switched to using WS2 coated bearings which provides a quicker and lower cost solution to lubrication at high vacuum.

WS2 Lubricates at Cryogenic Temperatures

An Aerospace laboratory was trying to get a stepping motor to work at 4oK. We were asked to coat the bearings after which it worked quite happily.

WS2 Prevents Nut Seizure on Routing Head Spindles

The manufacturer of routing heads reported an occasional seizing of the collet tightening nut on to the head spindle.

After coating the threads with WS2 the problem did not re-occurr.

Zinc Diecasting

WS2 is also being used to stop galling and pickup in metal die casting. With coated ejector pins one company achieved 25,000 shots without any maintenance on the tool - a record for them!