Automotive - General Information

Very Low Friction Dry Lubricant

Stop Wasting Time and Money On:-

  • Sticking Cores
  • Moulds not filling properley
  • Parts sticking in the mould
  • Pickup on moving mould parts
  • Lubricant Contamination
  • Streaking & Drag Marks

Major Benefits of WS2 for the Automotive Industry:-

  • Increases productivity - more parts per hour - parts not sticking in the mould.
  • Enhances the flow of resin in moulds due to its low coefficient of friction.
  • Parts release quicker.
  • Allows the reduction in moulding pressure and temperature.
  • Reduction in part weight as resin is not packed as tight.
  • Eliminates streaking and drag marks, moulds fill more easily reducing rejects.
  • Eliminates use of other release agents. Eases colour changes and cleaning operations.
  • Not transferred to finished parts so no washing required prior to printing.
  • Can be applied to metal-on-metal die parts and moulding machines as a long lasting, heat proof, to reduce wear and seizing.
  • Application to No.1 diamond finish . . . lens quality.
  • Can be applied into slots and holes as small as 0.060"
  • May be applied over the whole mould or in specific inserts, cavities or on core pins.
  • Bonds to all metal or plastic materials and platings and cannot be removed without removing the substrate.
  • Maintains dimensional integrity of mould to within 0.5microns cannot be build up to greater       .
  • Eliminate problems in commissioning new die sets.
  • Resists carbon build-up from burnt deposits due to extremely low coefficient of friction.

General Notes:-

  • WS2 is a surface treatment not a spray.
  • WS2 is applied at ambient temperature.
  • WS2 cannot peel or chip.
  • WS2 is suitable for medical/clean room moulding.
  • WS2 is 0.00002in thick so needs no special engineering.
  • The parts have to come to us for treating.
  • We can handle parts upto 5 tonne in weight (1200mm x 2200mm).
  • Most parts can be processed with one working day of receipt.
  • We offer a while you wait coating service.